Along the way to a cassock pattern

Along the way to a cassock pattern

altarboysThe most popular posts on this blog are about cassock patterns.  There is still no downloadable roman cassock pattern available on the internet.

The closest I can find are:

  • This list of patterns from the “Liberal Catholic Church” including amice, alb and surplices
  • This list from Everything Vestments – an anglican style cassock and some surplices

So, I hereby declare my intention to draw up my…

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Are breastfeeding advocates being unfair to formula feeding parents?

"Unlike breastfeeding bullies, this is not a small minority of people. Read just about any article concerning breastfeeding in public, or breastfeeding past a certain age, that allows comments and is not on some natural health/parenting themed site, and take a look at the range of comments. This is the shit that breastfeeding mothers tolerate constantly.

"I guess what I am saying here is, you are not alone. So please don’t think you are."

What would you do with $100,000?







Reblog with your answer.

pay for my college education lol

get someone to invest my money, see where else i can put it to watch it grow

invest and pay for college(after I purchase a crate of M1 Garands from the CMP)

Stocks and retirement.

Fund my renegade run-away to Europe.

Move out to the country

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